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Testimonials on Training

Live Webinar: Traditional IRA Distributions: Optional, Required, Penalties, and Tax Reporting. Earn 1 hr CRC® CE and 1 hr CFP® CE. Held 09/18/14


I thought that Denise's presentation was outstanding.  She clearly described situations and was sure to include warnings about possible problems.    Her presentation style and delivery pace were well suited to the materials.  I not only learned from this but also enjoyed it.

Louis C.

The was a really good webinar!  Easy to follow and understand.  Full of information! Thank you!

Kathy D.

Excellent overview.  A lot to cover in 60 minutes; perhaps should consider allotting 90 min.  Thank you.

Thomas C.

Excellent content.  As you, I'm glad there is someone out there that does this stuff.

Tom B.

very helpful

John B.

very well presented and easy to understand.

Sandy R.


It was well done and I appreciate the information.

Jim H.


Very informative.

Amanda P.


This webinar was informative, the presentation of it was great, and the handouts are well done.

Jennifer E.


Very good pace.   I like being able to see the topic as we go and allowing me to write my own notes for future questions on the side.

Dan C.

Lots of great info

Jim Q.


I work for a financial services organization, so I can't make recommendations for consultants, but I think this was a great seminar for those in the consulting world.

Lynn C.



The session's content was useful and relevant.


The session was well organized.


The session will enable me to provide better service to members/clients.


The speaker was knowledgeable.


The speaker was easy to understand.


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