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Speaker, author, teacher, consultant: I teach/consult to financial, tax, and legal professionals about the tax laws that govern IRAs and employer plans

Terms of Service and Licenses of Rights : Please read both

Terms of Service

Technical Consulting Services

The agreement: Under this agreement, Appleby Retirement Consulting Inc (Appleby)., a Georgia corporation, agrees to provide technical consulting services to you- our client.  

You may integrate information provided by Appleby into your services, but your clients may not rely on Appleby separately from your services.

Services: Appleby Retirement Consulting Inc. will provide technical support and consulting services, as they relate to providing explanations of the rules and regulations which govern IRAs, Defined Contribution plans and 403(b) (Retirement Plans) for members who sign-up for our technical consulting services.  This includes:

  • Procedures for establishing and maintaining IRAs
  • IRA operational requirements, including compliance requirements for documentation
  • IRA contribution rules
  • IRA distribution rules, including required minimum distributions
  • Beneficiary Options
  • Tax-Withholding rules for distributions
  • Portability (Rollover and transfer Rules)
  • Tax reporting rules
  • Contribution, distribution and rollover rules for defined contribution plans

Consulting does not include funding of defined benefit plans and issues relating to life-insurance. That is, Appleby Retirement Consulting Inc. does not provide consulting on issues relating to the funding of defined benefit plans and life-insurance, including the life-insurance investments, the tax treatment of life-insurance from qualified plans and the distribution rules that applies to life-insurance.

Not Advice: Consulting services shall be of an educational and/or explanatory nature, and shall not be construed as financial, tax, or legal advice.

Confidentiality: Appleby Retirement Consulting Inc. agrees to keep all information provided by Client confidential, and not to discuss or divulge such information to anyone other than appropriate Client personnel or their designees.

Term: Your Consulting agreement shall commence on the date that you make your first payment. For recurring payment options, you have an option to renew on an annual basis, unless terminated by either party hereto. Either party may terminate this Agreement upon giving Thirty (30) days prior written notice. Any consulting agreement for annual retainership will be in effect for one year; as such, if the payments are being made monthly, payments must be made for at least one year.

Assignment.  This Agreement may not be assigned by either party without the written consent of the other party hereto. 

Arbitration.  All disputes shall be submitted to binding arbitration before a judge in Grayson, Georgia and settled in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association. Judgment upon the arbitration award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Disputes in which the amount at issue is less than $2,000 shall not be subject to this arbitration provision. 


All material included in this website (The IRA Resource and Education Center) is developed from sources believed to be reliable; this includes the tax code, regulatory guidance from the IRS and other regulatory bodies, and IRS Forms and publications.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the material included. The material use rules that are in effect at the time it is written.

This material is not intended to be used as tax or legal advice and must not be construed as such.



All material is the Copyright of Appleby Retirement Consulting Inc. and cannot be used without the express permission of Appleby Retirement Consulting Inc.


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